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We use the very latest steam carpet cleaning and hard floor cleaning technologies that can be found on the British market. All our detergents and equipment are fabricated in Great Britain. We will hot steam clean and will not leave your rooms soaking wet.

All carpets and upholstery will be dry within an hour - PROMISE! Our adjectives and detergents are professionally selected, so they don’t harm the environment containing less chemical based ingredients. We are proud of using only environmentally-friendly washing powders, liquids and gels which will be extending the life of your carpets, sofas, armchairs and curtains.

2 x Carpets £30

Environmentally friendly and non-chemical detergents are only part of our moto. We are preferred from most of our clients because of this – safe, eco and environmentally friendly. Why don’t you give us a ring or fill out the free quotation form. You can follow us on Facebook.

Or if you don’t fancy any of these we are more than happy to have a quick conversation on Skype – just send us your request. We are here to help you make you indoor environment as clean as the paradise is.

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Last project

About Last Project

We have just completed a 6 bedroom house with two sets of stairs that had never had its carpets steam cleaned. Using our top technology and detergents we gave it a new look. Carpets will not need to be replaced for years,they just look different. All the colours have come back. The house itself has different atmosphere and it's easier to breathe.

Why don't you try experience it? - contact us and we'll make you home a better place to live!

Last project

What Clients say

"Very happy with service, very friendly. Will recommend. Five star service. Thanks!" - Joanne, Tooting SW16

"House has different atmosphere now. All nasty stains are gone. Saved money from changing the carpets. Thanks very much!" - Harry, Morden SM4