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With over 10 years of experience including apartments and 5* hotels Paradise Cleaning has specialised in Airbnb host cleaning & services in the Greater London area.

It’s hard to receive

reviews from guests…


…but that’s exactly what we do!

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    Cleaning Service

    Your guests will feel in a hotel.

  • Fresh linen and towels

  • Bath mat

  • Hotel style toiletries

  • Tea towel

  • Coffee set

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    Check In & Check Out

    Welcoming your guests.

  • Guest communication

  • Key exchange

  • Welcome quests

  • Explain them around

  • Provide hem helpful local information

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    Property Maintenance

    Maintain your property.

  • Handyman to fix and maintain things

  • Help in case guest lose the keys


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Why would I need Airbnb services?

Airbnb management is not easy. It’s not just accepting the bookings. You have to take care of the cleaning, linen and towels for the beds, washing, drying, ironing, toiletries and make sure there is coffee. You have to meet the guests, exchange keys and, when they are leaving, check the accommodation for any damage.

I'm not a bed and breakfast. Can I still use your services?

Yes, we also do standard private house cleaning on request.